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When you partner with RHA, expect solutions. Whether it’s engaging the hard-to-reach, advancing energy efficiency or staying at the forefront of industry demands, we deliver. What’s more, we’ll deliver through a lens of equity and in a socially responsible way.



RHA supports our clients and their CBO networks in raising awareness about vital information and resources for their programs. We provide tailored partner support and develop outreach strategies and campaigns that engage, inform, and drive people to action.

  • CBO Partner Technical Assistance: RHA offers hands-on, customized technical assistance and necessary training, tools, and resources, to ensure CBO partners are well-equipped to do what they do best – reach diverse, local communities.


  • CBO Network Management and Monitoring: RHA builds close relationships with CBO partners and provides continuous monitoring to ensure partners are successful in connecting with focus communities, working through a lens of compassion, equity, and social justice.


  • Implementation: RHA shepherds projects from design through closeout, ensuring each phase of implementation is executed effectively.


  • Data-driven Monitoring: RHA offers customized monitoring, tracking, and reporting tools designed to meet our clients’ specific needs.



RHA helps families save energy and money. With services tailored to meet their household’s unique needs, we create meaningful, measurable impact for community members.

  • Energy Efficiency: RHA designs and administers energy efficiency programs that educate households about their energy use and help them reduce consumption, including through the direct installation of energy efficiency measures.


  • Electrification: RHA designs and administers electrification programs that help households access cleaner, more affordable energy options to natural gas, propane and wood burning.


  • Demand Response: RHA operates programs that help households reduce or shift their electricity usage during peak hours to reduce costs and allow for more efficient use of resources.


  • Water Conservation: RHA helps households conserve water through assessments, education and installation of water conservation measures, such as faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads and thermostatic shower valves and low-flow toilets.


  • Resiliency: RHA helps households build resilience to disruptive events, such as power shutoffs, and provides preparedness solutions, encompassing power, water, emergency supplies and preventative measures.


Every student deserves a safe and healthy learning environment. RHA supports schools in keeping their facilities and equipment efficient and up to date.

  • Construction Management: RHA helps schools manage construction projects from start to finish, ensuring progress stays on time and within budget.


  • Energy Management: RHA helps schools manage their energy consumption, sustainability programs and efficiency standards.


  • Sustainability Management: RHA helps schools develop plans for reducing environmental impacts, including developing decarbonization road maps and improving healthy learning environments.


  • Energy Efficiency: RHA helps schools identify and install energy efficiency measures that will save energy and money.


RHA helps our local businesses make energy efficiency upgrades. With low-cost or no-cost programs, businesses positively impact the environment and reduce costs.

  • Energy Efficiency: RHA helps businesses decrease their energy consumption and costs by identifying and installing energy efficiency measures.


  • Demand Response: RHA helps businesses reduce or shift their energy use during peak hours and take advantage of financial incentives.


The energy efficiency industry is ever-changing. RHA shares our technical expertise to keep our clients at the forefront of new developments.

  • Technical Pilot Programs: RHA designs and executes clean energy pilot programs and supports market transformation initiatives to advance energy efficiency innovations.


  • Codes and Standards Development: RHA researches new measures, including energy savings, develops technical guides and installation standards, conducts free-ridership and energy cost-effectiveness analysis, and tracks policy development for the energy efficiency industry.


  • Energy Engineering: RHA’s expert team of engineers helps our clients with energy audits, energy code compliance, energy analysis, design, energy-savings estimate reviews and energy management.


  • Demand-Side Management Services:  RHA offers additional services, including measurement and verification of installed measures, program impact and process evaluation, site inspections and rebate application reviews.


RHA is building the workforce essential to a carbon-free future. We develop clean energy curricula and deliver job-specific training that empowers individuals and communities.

  • Innovative, interactive training: RHA delivers online (live and on-demand) and lab-based learning, with topics including energy efficiency and decarbonization: we are an IREC- accredited training program and BPI test center.


  • Field-based on the job training: RHA provides hands-on, real-world practical learning for a range of skills, from entry-level to advanced diagnostics, and including certification preparation and mentoring by expert technicians.


  • Curriculum development: RHA creates customized courses, utilizing skilled learning-experience designers collaborating with local and national subject matter experts.


  • Stakeholder Connector: RHA collaborates with government, community organizations, standards, credentialing and training organizations, as well as learners from underserved communities, to develop and deliver the comprehensive services necessary to train a clean energy workforce.
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