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Richard Heath & Associates, Inc. (RHA) helps California families and businesses save money, protect the environment and access services through impactful, socially responsible solutions. We have helped millions of families and thousands of businesses reduce their energy costs, conserve energy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and advance equitable access to vital services. We are a bridge to programs that improve lives, enhance communities and protect the environment.

A Woman Sitting In A Chair, Cradling Her Young Child

We connect families with programs that improve the health, comfort and safety of their homes, reduce expenses and improve their quality of life.  As part of this work, we recruit and train local community members, expanding job skills and providing career advancement opportunities.

We are a leader in expansive community education and outreach initiatives designed to lead hard-to-move Californians to action. Our work on campaigns like California Complete Count – Census 2020 and Vaccinate All 58 helps people make informed decisions about issues impacting their local community.

We are stewards of the environment, implementing programs that preserve resources. With decades of experience developing both energy and water conservation programs, RHA has saved significant freshwater and contributed to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

RHA is filled with really great people. They are fun to be around. It is a pleasure to work with such an amazing team.

– Richard Heath, Founding Partner



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